Peg Perego tractor – reviews & comparison of these electric tractors for children

All children love to imitate adults and that also involves driving, for children the most common are tractors. The Peg Perego brand offer electric models to give even more a realistic effect. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect electric tractor for your child among Peg Perego products.

The two flagship models of the Peg Perego brand

Each brand has the right to its flagship products, products which stand out and which represent the top sales of this one. For Peg Perego, here are the two models of electric tractor for children that have made a place for themselves in this market, to the delight of children.

Jd Ground Force Tractor – Peg Perego – OR0047

John Deere Loader Tractor with Backhoe – Peg Perego – OR0068

How to choose your electric tractor?

Buying an electric tractor for your child is not a trivial purchase, it is a certain budget, generally between 200 and 400 € depending on the model for Peg Perego tractors. There are a few important points to consider in order to avoid making mistakes when buying and finding the perfect tractor for your child.

Price is one of the criteria of choice for many parents, but it is not the only one to look at. Indeed, the quality of the product is essential, it is children who will use the tractor, so it must be safe.

  • The strength of the materials used, the plastic must not be of poor quality, that it cracks and breaks when using the tractor.
  • The possible duration of use of the battery without recharging it, it is necessary to take into account the charging time of the battery and its duration of use. This may vary from model to model and from brand to brand
  • The power of the tractor, to know the power of the tractor, it is important to know the voltage. This information will allow you to know, if the tractor will be able to climb a slope and would set the possible speed.
  • The maximum weight allowed is a point to look at, to be sure your child can climb on and use it
  • A design that you like, obviously this is a criterion that must be taken into account. Not the most important, but the one that will make you most happy

The essential accessories for your Peg Perego tractor

To accompany your child’s tractor, he will be happy to be able to hook up a trailer at the back or even a tank. The advantage of the brand is that products from other brands can adapt to the Peg Perego tractor.

The battery you’ll need to power your child’s tractor

To equip your tractor, you will need a battery, although it is supplied with the vehicle, it is always better to have an extra one. We have selected for you the battery that fits perfectly

Other Peg Perego electric vehicles

Peg Perego is not just a brand that offers electric tractors, it sells many other vehicles, there are cars, quads, but also motorcycles. Here is a selection of products offered by the brand.

Presentation of the brand Peg Perego

The brand is an Italian company that was founded by Giuseppe Perego in 1949. Their first products were prams and strollers, with rubber as fabrics, which replaced wicker. Little by little, the brand has developed and it is launching into toys, including the electric tractor.

It is renowned for quality products, putting Italian knowledge first. This gives this brand an elegant style and takes safety above all into account. This is an essential point for parents.

What other brands offer

Peg Perego is a brand renowned for the quality of its products, its Made in Italy and its adaptation to the evolution of the market. Another model might be perfect for you and your child. Folk, Rolly Toys, Injusa, Smoby, are other well-known brands in this field.

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