Permanent Hair Removal: What To Choose Between Pulsed Light And Laser?

Permanent hair removal is the method chosen when you have had enough of waxing, electric hair removal or even razor. To do this, two permanent hair removal methods exist, namely: laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal. Find out which one to choose for a good permanent hair removal.

What is the best permanent hair removal?

The laser hair removal method is a technique that only a doctor (often the dermatologist) can perform. It is a technique by which the hairs are eliminated at the root by destroying the hair bulb and follicle. Their elimination is made after absorption of light by melanin which gives the hair its color.

As for hair removal with pulsed light, it can be performed in an institute by a beautician or at home. The heat emitted by the light is absorbed by the hair up to the root. Pulsed light is scattered over a wider spectrum, making it less precise.

So, for better hair removal precision, opt for the laser hair removal method. This method is preferred to get rid of hair permanently, because the wavelength is well determined and more precise unlike pulsed light.

What is the difference between laser and pulsed light?

The two permanent hair removal techniques work almost the same way. Both laser and pulsed light target melanin which gives hair its color to destroy them.

Melanin is converted into heat by pulsed light or the laser beam, which destroys the root of the hairs. However, there is a difference between these two permanent hair removal methods. This difference is found in the energy of the light beams that they send on the hairs.

Indeed, the beam sent by the laser is powerful and is of a single wavelength. The hairs are destroyed at the root in a targeted manner. As for pulsed light, the energy is low, variable and several wavelengths of energy are sent simultaneously. This variable power means that some hairs are only weakened instead of being destroyed.

Consult the recommendations for choosing the pulsed light epilator

Before using the pulsed light epilator, it is important to follow some recommendations to choose a quality pulsed light epilator. The use of this light is only suitable on skin light enough to have maximum contrast between the skin and the hair. The intensity of the light should therefore be softer when you have dark skin. Also, be sure that your hair is black or dark and thick. Please shave the same day or 24 hours before use to allow the root to remain identifiable under the skin by the flash.

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