Petit Paumé’s eye on sandwich bistros in Lyon

Recipe of the day by the Petit Paumé: take a bistro with old and retro decoration. Sprinkle it with fornica chairs, old-fashioned candies and grandmother-style homemade pastries. Add a welcoming staff who has only one desire, and that is to make you (re) discover forgotten flavors. Leave to rest for a few moments. Then enjoy hot or cold, sweet or savory toast like in the good old days.

Here is the recipe for sandwich bistros which are at the forefront of fashion right now in Lyon!

Le Petit Paumé has selected a few sandwich bistros for you to enjoy with friends!

The grocery store :How could we describe the grocery store? We should talk about its slightly retro decor which gives it a second youth. But we should not forget its delicious sandwiches, whose value for money is undoubtedly unbeatable in Lyon. And what about his homemade desserts which are overwhelmed by more than one? All this to say that the grocery store is the top level, but beware it is often full! The price of success, no doubt.
2, rue de la Monnaie, 69002 Lyon

The Taverne la Becquée:Change of scenery since we are in a small cellar in Old Lyon with a Dutch boss! The reception is excellent, as are the relatively original sandwiches. A good address with a little surprise… But we’ll let you find it!
2, rue Saint-Georges, 69005 Lyon

Marinette Lemonades:Everything is done to find old memories of yesteryear: old posters plastered all over the place, old sayings, old objects, etc. in short, everything is vintage and retro! But above all, you can enjoy a delicious sandwich, a soup or a nice plate of cold meats at any time, and that’s great!
46, rue Saint-Georges, 69005 Lyon

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