Petrol Industries the trendy clothing brand? Reviews and Presentation

Petrol Industries offers clothing for people with a stylish vintagewear… But is it only trendy? Here is a little presentation of the brand and our opinion on this style like no other.

Presentation of Petrol Industries

When it was founded in 1989, Petrol Industries was a company specializing in leather belts. With growing success and a presence in many stores across Europe, however, it quickly turned to men’s clothing.

The Petrol brand was launched in 2005 to fill a gap in the male fashion market, that of robust clothing with a raw appearance. The brand likes to present the style of its products as “real workwear”.

Faced with this somewhat particular categorization of work attire, we will gladly talk about clothing that is comfortable, but which does not forget to be trendy. Car Petrol is above all a clothing brand that touches the vintagewear … for a timeless result?

Our opinion on the Petrol Industries style

In order to briefly explain the style vintagewear of the brand, we are in the presence of streetwear with a strong influence american vintage. At Petrol Industries, this is a good dose of denim alongside casual shirts as well as printed sweaters.

Among our favorite pieces, we have composed an outfit with a burgundy long-sleeved t-shirt with the inscription “Mechanic DNM Petrol” at the price of 50 €, a denim jacket at 90 €, as well as slim jeans. at 70 €. For a harmonious total jean look, however, you have to remember to use the same shade of denim for the different pieces.

In terms of accessories, the two-tone (navy blue and white) and tricolor (red, white and blue) caps, with curved visor and mesh back, are the most beautiful effect to stay in tones of colors and thus complement effectively your outfit for only 15 €.

Where to buy Petrol Industries clothing?

If the brand has already proven its worth in many European countries, it is unfortunately poorly promoted by us. Indeed, Petrol Industries has only one dedicated store across France.

To find the Petrol Store, it is near Lille that you will have to go. We invite you to meet at 14 Place Louise de Bettignies, to be able to discover with your own eyes this brand with its timeless aesthetic.

But rest assured, it is still possible to buy Petrol Industries on many online stores. A simple search on Google allows us to find, among other things, Zalando, Amazon, La Redoute or even Galeries Lafayette.

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