PetSafe Anti-Runaway Collars: The Solution for Runaway Dogs

The dog, considered to be man’s best friend, is often found abandoning the house to venture outside. The reasons for running away are very often linked to the natural instinct, boredom, sexual desire, hunger, the desire to enjoy the great outdoors and can often very quickly cause an accident.

In any case, to prevent your dog from running away, one of the most reliable solutions is to opt for an anti-runaway collar. In this area, PetSafe excels by offering a wide range of anti-escape devices as diverse as they are varied.

Follow us throughout this article, and discover all of the Petsafe brand anti-runaway collars, so that you can easily make your choice.

PetSafe Anti-Fugue Products

PetSafe is a brand recognized by specialists for anti runaway collars for our small pets. In the field of protection against runaways, here are the products that the brand offers us.

Anti-escape fence with standard wire

This is a very reliable invisible fencing system, consisting of a collar to put around the dog’s neck and an underground cable which delimits the perimeter not to be crossed and which transmits a radio signal. When the dog approaches the limit, he receives harmless electrostatic stimulation that discourages him from going any further. This accessory is ideal for neck sizes up to 57 cm and covers approximately 13 ares, or 1300 m².

Anti-escape fence with rechargeable wire

The Petsafe Rechargeable Wired Anti-Escape Fence consists of a waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar (autonomy: 1 to 3 months) associated with a device equipped with a transmitter, and buried which delimits the perimeter of your dog. In fact, your dog will receive an audible signal when he approaches the perimeter, and will receive an electrostatic stimulation if he continues to advance. Specially designed for neck sizes ranging from 15 to 66 cm, this product can cover up to 1300 m².

Deluxe Wired In-Ground Fence

Ideal for neck sizes of 6 to 26 inches, this Receiver Collar will emit an audible signal (beep) if the dog approaches the limit of the covered area, followed by electrostatic stimulation. This system has the advantage of having a very light collar, thus offering greater freedom to the dog. In addition, it does not excessively stimulate the animal (30 seconds of stimulation). This accessory also covers a maximum of 1300 m².

Pawz Away Mini Pet Gate

Ideal for necks from 15 to 71cm, this Receiver Collar is connected to a waterproof barrier that can be easily installed in small places. When your pet approaches the barrier, he will be surprised by small beeps coming from the collar, associated with progressive electrostatic stimulation for 15 seconds. Note that this system can contain several animals at the same time, with a range of 0.76 m.

Stay + Play Wireless Fence Wireless Fence System

This portable anti-runaway system prevents you from burying wires. In fact, you just need to plug the transmitter into a wall outlet near the area where you want to hold your dog. This device emits stimulation through the 2 contactors in contact with the dog’s neck. It is ideal for neck sizes between 15 and 71 cm, and covers a circular area of ​​3000 m².

Wireless Pet Containment wireless anti-escape system

This completely portable system allows you to keep your dog within a defined perimeter, thanks to audible warnings when approaching the limit, and gradual stimulation. You can add as many dogs as long as they each have a PetSafe Wireless Collar. This system has a circular reach of 2000 m² and is ideal for neck sizes from 15 to 71 cm.

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