Phoenix A2 review: The massage gun for everyone!

Massage has real virtues for the well-being of the body. For this, there is a variety of massage guns adapted to relax the muscles. Among them, the Phoenix A2 is a therapeutic means what are the payment options on gearbest? exceptional for relieving muscle pain.

An easy to use accessory

The Phoenix A2 is particularly easy to use with a small weight of 1.5 kg. This lightness allows you to use it without getting tired too quickly. Also, you can carry it everywhere with its four interchangeable heads.

The big bullet head can be used for all 5 major muscle groups. That is, the shoulder girdle, upper limbs, lower limbs, abdominal wall and dorsal wall.

Then you have a flat head. It can be used for a major part of your body and your back. The U-head is used to relieve the spine, however it should be used gently on this area, the neck and the shoulders. Finally, the bullet head is useful for trigger points or trigger points.

The Phoenix A2 is autonomous

It is a device that offers you up to 2 hours of use per charge in operating time and 3 hours of stand-by. It has advanced technique, power indicators and an indicator of what to choose to be sure not to have any bad surprises? battery that allows you to constantly know the battery life.

A powerful massage gun

The device has a setting that allows you to adapt the speed to your desires. With a 24 volt lithium battery, the official Phoenix A2 has great power. Its maximum amplitude of 10 mm and speed of 88 decibels allow rapid recovery after a workout.

Its irreproachable power also allows to deeply treat the tissues of your muscles through a good frequency.

The benefits of using the Phoenix A2 massage gun

The Phoenix A2 massage gun has several benefits. It is perfect for increasing the range of motion during your physical activities. It also relaxes your muscles and relieves pain, muscle stiffness and relieves stress. Increasing your blood pressure is also one of the benefits of massaging with a Phoenix A2.

It allows your body to have a bigger one and allows you to stay if the product does not fit me, what are the conditions of return and refund? in shape. Designed to relax you, it helps you get rid of all forms of fatigue more quickly. All these characteristics of the Phœnix A2 make it a quality and powerful massage gun.

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