Photo book or photo album: What are the differences and what to choose?

Those who want to keep memories of a special day, like their wedding or that of a loved one, will often turn to a photo album or photo book. It is always a pleasure to look at the photos of those special moments, to show them to your grandchildren or to give them as gifts. But what exactly is the difference between a photo album and a high quality photo book?

The difference between photo albums and photo books

There are many differences between photo albums and photo books. But anyone who thinks that the traditional photo album today is still made by hand, when the modern photo book would be created digitally, is wrong. The point is, photo albums and photo books are now typically designed digitally and then printed. The days when photos were pasted independently into albums are long gone. However, if you miss that, of course, you can always buy empty albums and paste your photos by yourself. But then, if they are both created and printed digitally, what makes them different?

High-quality photo books and traditional photo albums

A big difference lies in the manufacture of the two objects. There are indeed differences as much in the type of binding as in the material used for the pages or the cover, which are reflected later in the design, texture and price. In general, we can say that the traditional photo album is more expensive. The pages are often thicker, the shape of the binding more complex and the materials used more luxurious. Is it worth it? It mainly depends on why you want a photo book or photo album. Will it be used for a few years or will it be used by children and grandchildren? Photo albums often have a longer lifespan than more expensive photo books. A good intermediate solution, however, is offered by particularly high quality photo books, which you can buy on this page. Noble materials are used there.

Which photos to choose?

In addition to materials, the selection of images is also very important when it comes to choosing between a high quality photo album or photo book. Pay attention to the term “flatbinding”. It describes a type of binding where the open pages lie flat. Flatbed binding allows you to display panoramic images or images that span two pages. Flatbinding is found more often in photo albums and very rarely in high quality photo books. If you want to display an image that fits on two pages or a panorama, only a high-quality photo book or photo album with a flat binding is suitable.

Cardboard or paper?

In a quality photo book, flexible pages are typically used, while photo albums often still use the traditional, rigid cardboard pages. In addition to the type of binding and the high quality of the materials for the cover and printing, there are also differences in the texture of the pages. Which variant you prefer is ultimately up to you. In conclusion, however, it should be noted that a quality photo book comes very close to a traditional photo album, and usually at an unbeatable price.

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