Play Truth & Dare, the Best Questions to Ask

Are you a fan of Truth & Dare games and looking for original questions and actions? Just keep in mind that the best questions are the ones that surprise, and the ideal actions are hands down the funniest. Of course, make sure that these questions or actions won’t shock or hurt other players.

Ask questions, with answers that might surprise

When playing the Truth or Dare game, one of the easy ways to get the best questions is to ask questions that may lead to surprising answers. In other words, use your imagination to surprise participants with questions they least expect.

On the other hand, you must avoid banal or trivial questions which rhyme with answers or Truths that are too simple and more than obvious. Questions like this can be tiresome and ultimately make the game less interesting than it should be.

However, if the best questions to ask should call for surprising or even a little embarrassing answers to make the game more interesting, it is essential that they do not cross a certain limit, at the risk of offending the sensitivity or the feelings of the participants. This is why it is advisable to always use your common sense, to take into account the sensitivities, the intimacy or to adapt your questions according to the status of the participants. Below are some tips, depending on your context:

For a game of Truth or Dare with the family

If you are having a family game, you can bet on surprising questions, with a fun side, but which are relatively simple and innocent.

For a game of Truth or Dare with friends

When playing a game with friends, you can afford to ask for somewhat embarrassing or awkward truths, as long as you don’t ask for too much and they stay within the set rules if you have any established for playing.

For a game of Truth or Dare between couples

The game can be particularly interesting for people in a relationship. Here, the context being more relaxed, the field of possibilities is wider, the questions being able to be asked with more freedom. This is your chance to learn a little more about your partner or to spice up your relationship with some hot questions.

Give actions, funny but which will not hurt

When a player has opted to perform an Action rather than revealing a truth to you, we advise you to favor the choice of funny and more or less simple actions to perform. This naturally remains in keeping with the comic and fun aspect of this hobby. However, as funny as they may be, your given actions should be as harmless as possible.

Basically, you should not take pleasure in giving actions that may offend or the performance of which may be degrading (morally or physically) to the person performing it. As with the truths to ask, we recommend that you use your common sense, measure the sensitivity level of each player, and think carefully to give better actions.

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