Polaroid Mint – Printer with Zink Zero Printer Ink and Bluetooth technology – Reviews & Test

The Polaroid Mint mini printer stands out with its innovative Zink Zero Printer Ink technology and Bluetooth compatibility. Prized for its multiple functions and easy handling, it is especially renowned for producing exceptional quality photo prints. Below, our video test of its features.

Polaroid Mint Mini Printer Video Review and Test

Where to buy your Printer with Zink Zero Printer Ink technology and Bluetooth?

More information on the Zink Zero Printer Ink Polaroid Mint Printer

It is the ideal device if you are looking for a powerful and autonomous pocket printer, able to accompany you everywhere. Very practical, it helps you to make high quality instant prints on 2 x 3 cm size paper, from your smartphone or tablet.

The Polaroid Mint features innovative Zink Zero Printe Ink technology that combines paper and ink in one cartridge, so you can take great photos. Compatible with Android and iOS, the mini printer is easy to use from the free Polaroid app.

Simple and intuitive, the application includes a professional photo editor allowing you to express your creativity by personalizing your photos before printing. Finally, its Bluetooth compatibility is convenient for connecting the printer to your connected devices and facilitating the sharing of your photos.

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