Pôle-Emploi – How to Update Easily and Quickly?

The Labor Code recommends the payment of unemployment benefit to job seekers, following compliance with certain obligations. One of them is themonthly update of the beneficiary’s situation with Pôle Emploi. We explain how it works.

When to update to Pôle Emploi?

Any job seeker benefiting from the return to work assistance paid by Pôle Emploi must update your situation every month, otherwise the payment of his allowance will be suspended. This updating is done at determined periods and communicated in advance by the institution. In general, the discount period begins at the end of the month concerned (between the 26th and the 28th) and ends around the 15th of the following month.

Payment of the allowance due for the month covered by the declaration will take place three to five days after taking into account the update. Pôle Emploi publishes a calendar of monthly updates and benefit payments on its website.

How to update it on Pôle Emploi?

To declare their situation to the Pôle Emploi, beneficiaries can consult the website of Employment center or use the “My Employment Center” mobile application. Before logging into the platform, have your login details ready to access your personal space.

Once connected to this space, you will only have to follow the instructions and answer the questions that will be asked. At the end of the update process, you will receive within 24 hours a confirmation that your declaration has been taken into account.

What is the waiting period applied by Pôle Emploi?

The waiting period is the period between the end of your employment contract and the start of payment of your unemployment benefit by Pôle Emploi. During this period, you will not receive any remuneration. To define this waiting period, Pôle Emploi takes into account:

  • the paid leave allowance corresponding to the remaining days of leave to be taken upon your departure
  • supra-legal termination indemnity if it was paid to you by your now former employer
  • the legal waiting period of seven days.

Concretely, if at the time of your departure you were compensated for 15 days of paid leave, the waiting period that will be applied to you will be: 15 days + 7 days, for a total of 22 days.

I can not update, have I been written off, if so what can be the reasons?

If you are unable to update your situation, it is probably because you have been removed from the list of job seekers. Several reasons can justify this delisting:

  • you are not able to justify an active job search
  • you do not comply with the obligation to update your situation each month
  • you provided false information
  • you have refused without valid reason several job offers or training offers, etc.

In principle, before the sanction is implemented, a notification must be sent to you so that you can make your arguments.

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