Postproduction, The Key Steps to Grading a Film

The goal of postproduction is to improve the visual rendering of your images. To achieve this, she uses different methods, including a calibration work. Here are 4 steps to follow to calibrate your minifilm.

Step 1 – Work with the right tools

To improve the quality of your images, you should use certain analysis tools. This is among other things the waveform monitor which is used to measure the luminance of your video. This device allows you to adjust the degree of brightness which is often between 0 and 100. With the RGB (Red Green Blue) parade, you can configure the chrominance (the colors of your video).

Finally, the vectorscope is used to check the saturation level of the colors contained in the image. However, in general, we don’t always have the tools available, so going through professionals like Level is the best option.

Step 2 – Normalize Your Video

It consists in detecting and remedying the problems of variations in light which could exist between the different planes. It is precisely a question of harmonizing the plans between them, of comparing them in order to identify and then correct the various defects. To standardize, you will have to adjust the luminance of your minifilm in order to bring it up to standard. Then, you have to make adjustments to the light fittings and perform the white balance using a suitable plugin.

Step 3 – Go into detail and fix the flaw in your images

For finer correction of flaws, using tools like masks will help choose areas with precision to apply desired effects. You can adjust the brightness precisely in areas that would have escaped normalization. It will also be necessary to think about adjusting even more the level of saturation as well as the color of the skin.

Step 4 – Finalize by styling your video

Use your creativity to give your minifilm a stylish look. That’s good, you have the tools you need. Indeed, thanks to “Level”, “Color Balance” or even “RGB Curves”, you will give your minifilm the look that suits you. A few small touches here and there and your video will be ready.

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