Powerful Wifi Routers OPINION & Comparison – Which model to buy for your home?

Today, it is not conceivable to have a bad Wi-Fi connection at home. While the internet has a central place in a home, with streaming, video games, social networks,… a Wi-Fi router is a necessary technology. But of all the models available, it’s not easy to navigate, so here are the best in our opinion.

How to choose a powerful enough WiFi router?

To choose a powerful enough WiFi router, you first need to know what you will use it for. There are products developed for limited use, but optimal for simply family use. This type of router can manage up to 10 connections at the same time without neglecting the speed and stability of the network. Do not believe that they are not of good quality, they are just suitable, a house does not need the same power as that required by a business.

A good WiFi router is a router that provides a stable connection, as shown above. An internet box allows you to take advantage of this service, but there can and often are times when the connection is weaker and unstable, which cannot happen with a router. But to be effective, the router connection must be more powerful than that of the current connection of the box.

Another point and not the least, it is important to surf the internet safely. A well-configured WiFi router provides a flawless connection, which helps prevent attacks. The router constantly analyzes incoming connections, if it does not know an incoming IP address, then it will be directly blocked.

One last point in choosing a good router, not in terms of power, but rather for the practical side, is the fact of being able to install it easily. Some models are very complicated to install and configure, it is better to turn to a simpler model that is just as effective. Choose a router that just needs to be plugged in and accompanied by a configuration guide. If you have any concerns during the installation, you can easily get in touch with the brand and ask them for advice.

Comparison of the best high power WiFi routers

In order to guide you to buy the best wifi router, here is a selection of the best routers available on the market right now according to our team. You will find a detailed summary of their characteristics and you will be why they are the best.

Netgear R8000-100PES – Feature and Reviews

The Netgear R8000-100PES router, is a product at the cutting edge of technology, you will be able to enjoy an optimal connection within your home. It is equipped with the 1 GHz Dual Core processor eliminating any risk of slowing down. In addition to this processor, the Netgear R8000-100PES router is equipped with 2 Usb ports and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

By choosing this Wifi router, each person using the internet will have no connection problem thanks to Beaforming + technology. The 6 antennas on the router offer a wide field of action and cover a large area, so you can move around freely without the network jumping.

TP-Link Router Archer C5400 – Feature and Reviews

The Archer C5400 router is designed with a Broadcom 1.4 GHz dual-core ARM processor and no less than three coprocessors to channel data around its internal data paths. On top of that, it is one of the fastest routers, it is tied to a high performance NAS box and connected to 5 GHz at short range, it is possible to see download speeds above 100MB / s in WiFi.

In addition to its speed, it offers extended transmission, thanks to Wi-fi AC technology, multi-user Mimo, which allows 4 connections to be managed at the same time serving several users simultaneously.

Asus RT-AC5300 Gaming Router – Feature and Reviews

It is a tri-band router with two 5 GHz bands and a single 2.4 GHz. As you can already imagine, this is a very powerful combination and its combined maximum speed could reach 5334 Mbps. Network security won’t be an issue with this router, it features Trend Micro Powered AiProtection, free lifetime protection against online threats.

As with most high-end ASUS products, the ASUS AC5300 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router features Smart Connect technology. This technology enables devices connected to the network to benefit from constant bandwidth, as it automatically switches between the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for optimum performance.

Now that you know everything about these routers, there is only one thing left for you to do and that is to choose the right equipment to equip your home. These different routers each have their qualities, you will have to choose the one that is suited to your needs.

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