Presentation of the game ARK Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is the survival game developed and published by Studio Wildcard. Dropped in the heart of a mysterious island called ARK, you play as a survivor who must use cunning and resources to tame and raise dinosaurs, dragons, Leviathans and other primitive creatures that inhabit the dynamic and hostile ecosystem.

Evolving solo or in a team, you can explore, join or chase hundreds of other players to survive and escape the island.

Find out the basics of what you need to know about the game Ark Survival Evolved.

What is ARK Survival Evolved?

As its title suggests, Ark Survival Evolved is a survival-style video game mixing adventure and action. It was developed and published by Studio Wildcard and released in August 2017. The game can be housed in the same space as Rust, Dayz or even H1Z1 (Just Survive) among others.

More concretely Ark: Survival Evolved plunges you into the heart of a mysterious and hostile island of the Jurassic era. You play as a survivor who starts out alone, practically naked and unarmed. You have to fight, explore, collect resources, build shelters, tribes and expand your territory …

You evolve in a dynamic ecosystem with more than 100 prehistoric creatures made up largely of dinosaurs, dragons, giant scorpions and other primitive predators evolving on land, in the air, under water or under the ground. You can kill them to make resources or tame them, train them to mounts, and access various abilities.

Game modes in Ark Survival Evolved

There are 2 modes in the game Ark Survival Evolved: single player and multiplayer. You can therefore try to survive alone in solo which is played offline. The mode offers different campaigns with fights and bosses to defeat. But you can also try out the multiplayer survival experience with other survivors in the online multiplayer mode.

Once in the game, you can join a multitude of servers. It can be a PVE server allowing you to create and collaborate together against predators in the environment. You can also join more aggressive PVP servers where you can face other players in kill-or-be-killed fights.

What are the expansions of the game Ark Survival Evolved

It’s a game you won’t want to stop for. After a game is over you will want to go straight to the next one, then to the next. It is 11 expansions that are available for Ark Survival Evolved.

What platforms can you play Ark Survival Evolved on?

Studio Wildcard developed and made the game available on multiple platforms. On console, the title is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is also available on PC and Mac. There is finally a mobile version Ark Survival Evolved on Android based on the versions for PC and console.

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