Pressure Cooker Reviews: Comparison and Buying Guide

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Buying a pressure cooker is an investment of money and time that will quickly pay off in terms of health and savings. Pressure cookers have changed a lot in recent years, so there are a lot more options to consider. Here’s our guide to help you choose the right pressure cooker for your needs.

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker works on a simple principle: steam pressure. A sealed pot, with lots of steam inside, creates high pressure, which allows food to cook faster.

How to choose your pressure cooker?

Choosing the right pressure cooker from all the choices available can be a difficult task to do. But to make this task easier, below we are providing you with some of the points that you should keep in mind when buying a pressure cooker. It will surely help you choose the best of all.

Safety factors

Safety features are really important when managing pressure cookers. This is mainly because pressure cookers operate under the idea of ​​built-up pressure and a rigorous amount of pressure and steam can trigger a destructive blast in the kitchen.

Choose a trusted brand

Pressure cookers are made by several manufacturers. Pick one who has been in business for many years and has an excellent economic background. This is especially important because over time you may need to change parts on the pressure cooker. The business must remain in business in order to purchase replacement parts. These parts cannot be mixed with components from different manufacturers. You must therefore choose a pressure cooker, from a reputable and trusted brand, to find spare parts if necessary.

Cover locking mechanism

Always buy a pressure cooker designed with a protective cover locking system. This is a crucial security element that will immediately secure, as the pressure is quite strong. It unlocks when the pressure is properly lowered.

Some pressure cookers are equipped with a pressure indicator which makes them safer. It tells you if the pressure is rather strong or not. When cooking with pressure, you must have a very important safety function.


Handles, while they may seem like a minimal consideration, should also be inspected for longevity, as you will need to have a container full of food. The handles should be comfortable and secure for you. They should be quite heat resistant as they will be subjected to high temperature when the pressure cooker is used in the kitchen.

Interior materials used to make the pressure cooker

The exterior and interior materials made for the pressure cooker are normally the same. However, some models have a non-stick interior. But based on many pressure cooker reviews, it is not extremely important, since non-stick substances do not hold up well to high pressure.

Basic material

For easy cleaning, better heat conduction and no burns, buy a pressure cooker with optionally a bi-metal or tri-metal base. Tri-metallic and bi-metallic bases can be found in many models. They generally have an aluminum content to reduce burns by allowing the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the pan, which allows for even cooking.

Compatible cooktops

Some pressure cookers cannot be used on ceramic cooktops, so it’s best to look for compatibility when looking for a pressure cooker. However, most pressure cookers are suitable for most cooktops. This concern is not necessary in case you are looking for an electric pressure cooker as these products have the heat source themselves.

The budget you want to put

Prices vary wildly between pressure cooker models and companies. Basic feature upgrades and extras will increase the price. Buying a low cost pressure cooker is instantly a bargain. The best deal might be a better choice that will meet your cooking needs.

The size of the pressure cooker according to your requirements

If you carefully research the most efficient pressure cooker, you will come across a wide range of sizes. On the other hand, a size that is perfect for the number of people in your family is much more likely to be great kitchen equipment in your kitchen. Remember that capacity is a measure of how well it is able to hold liquid. Only half to two-thirds can really be used when cooking

The top 10 best pressure cookers 2019

The different types of pressure cookers

There are many types of pressure cookers, offering various functions. It will depend on how you use it. We have selected the best products for you, for each of the pressure cooker categories.

Rice cooker

If you want to cook your rice perfectly, this is the essential tool in your kitchen. Much used in the Asian country, it only requires a small amount of water to cook the rice to perfection, it will neither be overcooked nor too dry. But you can prepare any type of starch with it, so it’s a perfect ally.

Electric pressure cooker

The electric pressure cooker allows you to save precious time, you can program the utensil while taking care of another part of the meal. In addition, with this type of cooking, you keep all the benefits of food, flavors and vitamins, with steaming or steaming.

Pressure cooker

Steam cooking allows food to be cooked without altering its benefits and nutritional qualities. It doesn’t stop with just cooking vegetables, you can prepare your meats, fish and even starches. By cooking gently and stewing, the flavors are preserved and all their taste.

Multifunction pressure cooker

In a multifunction pressure cooker you can do everything without worrying about anything, you just have to follow the recipe to the letter. He is a real assistant, he will help you when you are not inspired, he will take care of the management of the recipe while you are busy with other things.

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker to prepare good dishes from other times, it has all the new kids, but a pressure cooker has its charm. Pressure cooking, which will allow your dishes to simmer for hours without you realizing it.

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