Private Driver or Taxi in Geneva: Which is the Best Choice?

Are you hesitating between a private driver and a taxi for your trips to Geneva? Know that these two mobility solutions each have their advantages and disadvantages which can make the difference, depending on the needs.

In general, a private driver will be the ideal solution if you do not have a budget constraint. It guarantees you more comfort than a taxi, and above all prestigious services and ease of booking.

It depends on the budget

Man riding in a taxi

Your choice will largely depend on the means at your disposal to deal with these two mobility solutions which do not require the same budget.

In general, car reservation services rely on the professionalism of their drivers and high standing services to offer rates that are higher than those of taxis.

If the budget allocated to your transport and your trips in Geneva is small, hiring a private driver may not be the most economically relevant solution.

Comfort can be a criterion of choice

The level of travel comfort offered is a detail that can weigh heavily when choosing your transport solution.

If you are looking for more comfort and security, a private driver in Geneva is the best solution. Most rental services provide you with a fleet of high-end vehicles. In a luxury sedan or in a limousine to benefit from all the comforts, a private driver will offer you an excellent transport service.

Private driver for prestigious services

Driver on the phone, private car, limousine type

One thing you won’t get with a taxi is high standard and refined service. Private drivers can provide you with the most lavish and elegant treatment. You travel in a luxury car and enjoy all the prestige that goes with it.

The VIP private driver takes care of planning each of your trips and takes care of you before, during and after your trips.

Private driver for ease of booking

A private driver may finally be the best choice for reasons of diligence and simplicity of booking.

A disadvantage with taxis in Geneva is the recurrence of long waits at the exit of the station or airport among other places. If you have to attend an important event, meeting or business appointment on time, having to wait for a taxi that takes a long time to arrive can be very detrimental to you.

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