Promote the sale of your property with home staging

When you want to sell your property, only 90 seconds are enough for a potential client to make up his mind. So the first impression is crucial! To increase your chances of selling quickly and above all at the best price, you have an interesting concept: home staging. In the rest of this article, you’ll find the basics of what you need to know about home staging, as well as some tips on how to put it into practice.

Why use home staging?

A real estate marketing technique that saw the light of day in the 1970s in the United States and imported into France around 2008, home staging allows you to make your house or apartment for sale attractive, at a lower cost, so as to trigger the coup de lightning strike of the customer during the visit. The latter under the spell, will buy it at the right price, or even at a higher price!

In other words, thanks to home staging, you spend little, you sell your property quickly, and especially at its real value or even at a higher value!

Home staging helps trigger the buyer’s crush

By depersonalizing and decluttering your house or apartment with home staging techniques, you give any visitor the opportunity to easily identify with home and even feel at home there.

Home staging allows you to sell quickly and at the right price

As a real estate marketing technique, home staging, by triggering love at first sight with the buyer, makes him want to acquire the property as quickly as possible, and sometimes, whatever the price!

Home staging is easy to implement and inexpensive

Many laypersons equate home staging with doing a lot of renovation and decoration work to sell well, in other words: spend a lot to sell better. However, this is not quite the case. Home staging techniques are relatively simple to implement inexpensively.

How to make your property attractive with home staging?

Home staging is about depersonalizing and highlighting the strengths of your house or apartment, so as to arouse the attention and interest of a potential buyer. This involves enhancing the interior spaces and furnishings, minor repairs and a change in your interior decoration, so that the customer can feel at home and not at home. Note that you also have the option of calling on a professional to assist you.

Depersonalize, declutter and tidy up

To make your property attractive, you must first depersonalize it and enhance the volumes. You will therefore need to remove too personal items such as your photo frames, your art objects or even furniture that is too imposing. In addition, a tidy house will allow you to gain additional square meters and therefore the future buyer to see more clearly. No need to tell you that an impeccable cleaning is required!

Make minor repairs

The basic principle of home staging is to embellish a property at a lower cost to resell it quickly and at the right price. So there will be no question here for you to demolish partitions, but just to carry out minor maintenance work such as replacing bulbs, toilet glasses, worn curtains and carpets, …

Arrange and decorate

Adopting a neutral style and colors will make it easier for the client to project themselves into your home. So, you need to replace the paint on the brightly colored walls with more neutral colors. In short, the decoration will be done in such a way that the customer can feel at home there.

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