Promote your Online Store by Sending Bulk SMS

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There is nothing simpler today than to promote your e-commerce site, thanks to the many tools available. And one of those tools is sending SMS advertising, even though SMS has been around for many years, it was not yet used for advertising purposes. What is the benefit of sending it and how it is beneficial for an online store.

What does advertising SMS consist of?

The principle is simple, it is the fact of sending SMS directly to your customers, by promoting one of your products, a new service or quite simply a new product. The main objective is to make people talk about your business and this in several ways by sending a welcome message, loyalty, relaunch a pending basket. The possibilities are endless and it will be very easy to communicate about your different products in just a few clicks.

Send advertising SMS for what benefit?

The first advantage is that it is an action which is not very expensive and allows to target perfectly. The fact that this is an SMS is not an email, gives an extra chance to be read and it won’t end up in spam emails. A person will be flattered to receive an SMS, he will find this action more personal, because it is intended for him.

One of the other advantages is the fact that this action is implemented very easily, in just a few minutes it is possible to send an SMS campaign. Just select the numbers, create your text and send it. You can then analyze, see if the messages have been opened and clicked.

Why finally choose to do an SMS campaign

Finally, choose an advertising campaign through a marketing tool such as SMS advertising and certainly one of the most effective and simple methods. Despite the simplicity that this method presents does not mean that it is not formidable.

It should therefore be remembered that consumers will be more curious to open an SMS, rather than read an email, which they will be aware of. In order for the customer not to think it is a privacy breach, the message needs to be personalized, leaving them feeling that they are not being harassed.

If your choice is to set up a marketing campaign to promote an online store and you do not want to put a large budget. Sending advertising SMS is the ideal alternative.

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