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7 ways to reduce your electricity bill in summer

Summer has arrived ! But this warm climate that we have been waiting for all year also comes with substantial increases in our electricity bills. Cooling objects represent 50% of household energy budgets in summer. If you discover a better way to ventilate your home, you will get significant savings


How to organize an outdoor reception?

Organizing an outdoor reception cannot be improvised, it is prepared and anticipated like a real project. To be successful, it is important to divide the preparation time into several stages. This makes it possible to determine the time necessary to organize the reception outside and to establish a provisional schedule.


4 tips for renovating your facade!

Want to spruce up your home? Why not renovate its facade? Take advantage of the beautiful summer days to undertake improvement work. Whether for functional and / or aesthetic purposes, summer is the best time to do it! If you are looking for inspiration, discover these 4 tips for renovating


How to Occupy Your Children in a Large Garden?

Are you lucky enough to have a huge garden and are you looking for ideas to share with your child? There are many ways you can keep your child occupied, distracted, and have a good time in your garden. You can, for example, make him participate in the plantings, install


How to install a WiFi surveillance camera outside?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Indoors and outdoors, the principle of installing a wifi surveillance camera is the same, you just need to choose the right location and the right camera model. Installing a security system at home to feel better can be a solution, if the installation and


How To Change The Top Heating Element Of Your Oven?

The heating element in your oven which is actually the resistance seems to no longer work properly. On your side, you prefer to repair it, rather than buy an oven, but you want to do it yourself so that it is more financially reasonable and profitable. By ensuring the malfunction


How to combine DIY and Childcare?

If you have to combine the realization of your current DIY project with the care of your child, you might as well take the opportunity to introduce him to DIY. Depending on his age, you can give him a workbench with accessories to make him do like you. You can


How to Protect Your Hammock Swing for Winter?

As winter approaches, it is essential to think about protecting your hammock swing well from winter bad weather. But how do you go about it? You must first of all take care to clean your hammock swing. Then, depending on its material and design, you can either put it inside


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