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How to combine DIY and Childcare?

If you have to combine the realization of your current DIY project with the care of your child, you might as well take the opportunity to introduce him to DIY. Depending on his age, you can give him a workbench with accessories to make him do like you. You can


7 Techniques to Unclog Your Toilets Yourself

Are the toilets in your house blocked? Fixing the problem immediately can help prevent it from getting worse. First, check whether the obstruction is large or not. After an assessment, if you are ready to unclog the toilet yourself. You can use the following techniques: dishwashing liquid with boiling water,


5 techniques to unclog your toilet yourself

Is your toilet blocked and you don’t know what to do? Many people have encountered this problem in their homes. This is an annoying situation because it renders the toilet unusable, until a solution is found. The first thing to do is to determine the cause of the plug. The


Renovating your home: Small site or major work?

Thinking of renovating your apartment or your house? Does your home need a small site or a big job? Indeed, does it require a little brushstroke, window replacement, or compliance work? It is essential to take stock first and then make yourself feel good in your home. Improve your comfort


How To Maintain Timber Siding?

When it covers house facades, wood siding brings aesthetics to the home. However, wood is a material that requires regular maintenance every one or two years. This maintenance, in addition to being constant, must be done with the greatest care so as not to damage the material in the long


Renovation – Can I do a Cladding on my Facade?

Siding is an exterior coating that is often used in the context of work in a condominium. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it provides a durable finish and improves insulation. The siding can come in various forms depending on the needs of the condominium building. Want to give your


How to Remove Silicone depending on the Surface?

Very useful for most repair work in your home, silicone sealant is a product that has the annoying tendency to become easily encrusted on affected surfaces. The good news is that there are specific or household products that you can use to dissolve it or remove it from the substrates


Which glue to use for gluing tile skirting boards?

For the installation of tiled plinths, the use of glue has more advantage than nailing or screwing. It offers a uniform distribution on all sides, and an absence of holes in the elements. That said, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly which one to choose. To simplify your task, here


How to fight rising damp?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Among the problems that homeowners may encounter, water infiltration into the walls is a real scourge. Rising humidity is one of the most well-known phenomena, which can damage the house and even have negative effects on the health of the inhabitants. However, this problem


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