Energy Saving & Environment

How to regulate the temperature of your office?

Extreme heat or cold can affect your productivity in the office. Also, it is essential to regulate the temperature. Discover the simple and effective tips that we suggest for creating appropriate thermal comfort in your workspace. How to regulate the temperature of your office when it’s cold? To maintain a


Co-ownership: The hunt for heat loss

Condominiums are also affected by the energy transition. Among the work to be carried out to reduce energy consumption in the area is the insulation of buildings. The risks of overconsumption are in fact most often caused by energy losses. As part of a renovation, it will be necessary to


7 ways to reduce your electricity bill in summer

Summer has arrived ! But this warm climate that we have been waiting for all year also comes with substantial increases in our electricity bills. Cooling objects represent 50% of household energy budgets in summer. If you discover a better way to ventilate your home, you will get significant savings


How to become self-sufficient in your home?

Becoming self-sufficient in your home is an idea that raises a lot of questions. Although this is very difficult to achieve, it is not impossible to live independently at home. Indeed, by putting into practice tips and making the right decisions, you will be able to get there. Here’s how


How to collect and reuse rainwater?

How to collect rainwater? In addition to being economical, collecting rainwater is also an ecological action. The French climatic conditions would ensure that the roofs can have the capacity to collect at least 1000 liters of rainwater per square meter annually. If you put the necessary arrangements in place, this


How to Save Energy at home in Essonne?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The energy consumption of a home can increase very quickly. This is often due to the types of fixtures or household appliances you have. It is therefore urgent to find effective solutions to overcome this problem so that electricity costs are less expensive. Find


Energy savings – 10 ways to save energy

Quick Access to Content – Summary There are many ways to reduce your household’s energy use, ranging from simple behavioral adjustments to major home improvements. The two main reasons for conserving energy are reducing energy bills and protecting the environment. Here are the ten most common ways to save energy


Why and how to insulate behind a wood stove?

Quick Access to Content – Summary You are installing a wood stove in your home and you want to know how and why to insulate behind it. It is essential and very important to protect the wall behind the stove, for your safety above all, but also for the heating


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