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Energy savings – 10 ways to save energy

Quick Access to Content – Summary There are many ways to reduce your household’s energy use, ranging from simple behavioral adjustments to major home improvements. The two main reasons for conserving energy are reducing energy bills and protecting the environment. Here are the ten most common ways to save energy


Why and how to insulate behind a wood stove?

Quick Access to Content – Summary You are installing a wood stove in your home and you want to know how and why to insulate behind it. It is essential and very important to protect the wall behind the stove, for your safety above all, but also for the heating


How to choose a provider for a € 1 Insulation

Quick Access to Content – Summary Many people still think that the 1 euro isolation is a scam. Well no ! you can really pay only € 1 to insulate your walls or attic thanks to state aid. This is a government measure aimed at establishing equality in energy expenditure.


How to save energy and money with 100% free LED bulbs?

Energy spending contributes to climate change as well as to increased household financial costs. To fight against global warming and allow households to reduce their electricity bills, the French government has decided to put in place a legal framework. The latter aims to promote actions favorable to energy saving. One


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