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Should I put Linseed Oil on my Wooden Swing?

Linseed oil is the solution many talk about when it comes to wood maintenance. You’ve probably heard of it and are wondering if it really is an adequate solution. In addition to being suitable for the maintenance of wood, linseed oil is also a wood treatment product, which will not


How to give your garden a more Zen aspect?

Do you own a garden and want all the moments you spend there to be moments of rest and relaxation? Be aware that this is not a particularly complicated task. You just need to know exactly what to integrate and above all what arrangements to take for this purpose. Garden


Opt for a garden chest

Quick Access to Content – Summary The successive confinements made the French want to enjoy their garden during sunny days. But between the garden hose, the deckchairs and the barbecue, it can quickly become cluttered and hamper the relaxation of the whole family. The solution: adopt a pretty garden box!


How to Make a Classic Mailbox Connected?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Is your mailbox still ordinary? It is possible to transform it into a modern mailbox. There are many techniques for doing this, but not all are created equal. It is therefore important to make an optimal choice in this direction. Add a simple sensor


Why Choose a Connected Mailbox?

The only limitation of our mailboxes today is that you have to check each time whether or not you have received mail or a package. It is to remedy this limit that connected mailboxes have emerged. How are they useful, is it a gadget or a real utility? Avoid back


How to Force your Mailbox?

It can happen that you lose the keys to your mailbox. Such a situation can constitute a real headache in the event of important and urgent mail to be recovered. Fortunately, there are various solutions to open a mailbox with varying degrees of ease. Discover below 4 tips to force


How to Choose a Mailbox?

The letter box is a necessary tool to receive your mail as well as your parcels. It is placed in front of your house, permanently under the gaze of all. However, there may be times when you replace it. This for reasons of renovation or even moving. Here is a


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