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How to choose your garden table for a small space?

The garden is a peaceful place to share good meals with the family. With the return of sunny days, you are looking for the ideal garden table for your small outdoor space. However, you struggle to choose one. Knowing the selection criteria is essential to make the best choice. What


How to Change the Barrel of a Mailbox?

Have you lost the key to your mailbox or is the lock simply jammed? The only solution is to replace the barrel. Do not panic, this is a relatively simple and short operation, even for a beginner handyman, provided you follow a certain number of very specific steps and use


What’s the Best Way to Fix a Mailbox?

Do you want to install a mailbox in your home? Note that there are several ways to achieve this, and the easiest for you is to opt for the one that best suits your needs and situation. For example, if you want to access your mailbox without having to leave


How to make a Staircase in a Mound of Earth?

Making a staircase in a mound of earth is a very beneficial arrangement. It offers good quality comfort and decor. However, it is an often complex operation that requires a lot of effort. To achieve it, there are a number of steps to follow. Make a slatted installation There are


Garden Swing – Selection with Comparison & Reviews

Quick Access to Content – Summary If you are looking for the perfect swing for your garden, balcony or terrace, it would be easier for you to dwell on key criteria like dimensions, material, comfort and design, among others. Zoom on our selection of the best garden swings and some


What is a Standard Mailbox?

In order to facilitate the distribution of mail and parcels, the regulations impose a standardized letterbox format. The latter responds to specific characteristics and requirements which it is good to comply with when designing your letterbox and its layout. Here is the basics of what you need to know about


How to Choose a Mountain Garden Greenhouse?

Like any gardening accessory, the mountain garden greenhouse is available in several models. It is often essential with a changing climate, which can sometimes be very cool, or very sunny. However, due to the variety of greenhouse models available, making a choice can become a more or less complex equation


How to organize an outdoor reception?

Organizing an outdoor reception cannot be improvised, it is prepared and anticipated like a real project. To be successful, it is important to divide the preparation time into several stages. This makes it possible to determine the time necessary to organize the reception outside and to establish a provisional schedule.


How to Occupy Your Children in a Large Garden?

Are you lucky enough to have a huge garden and are you looking for ideas to share with your child? There are many ways you can keep your child occupied, distracted, and have a good time in your garden. You can, for example, make him participate in the plantings, install


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