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Rather Hammock or Garden Swing – How to Choose?

Between hammock and swing it is not always easy to choose a garden swing or a hammock, because the hammock and the swing both allow you to relax in the garden. But where is the difference between the 2? Would it be in terms of comfort, features, or bindings? All


How to Enjoy a Swing on a Terrace?

During winter, the snow gradually invades your garden and you are forced to move your swing on the terrace. It’s unfortunate, it’s true! But by following a few recommendations, you can still enjoy your swing on the terrace. Below, discover all our tips. Choose a model for one person In


How to arrange a small garden?

Arranging a garden is not an easy task, especially when the surface to be exploited is small. However, it is possible to get the best out of it. Even a small space can make your garden a stylish and pleasant place to live. Do you want to know how? Here


Everything You Need To Know About Garden Swings

Acquiring a garden swing involves a certain responsibility and raises relevant questions about the convenience of use. This is why you must have all the useful information about this accessory. From the importance of having a garden swing set, to maintenance tips and installation, we’ve got you covered below with


How to maintain it?

Wood is a noble and natural material which provides good resistance to insects and fungi. Only like all garden furniture, it is subjected to the bad weather of winter and must therefore be maintained. If you have a wooden swing set that you want to cool off when the sun


How to maintain and clean your garden swing?

In your garden, the swing is at the mercy of dirt and stains of all kinds. To keep it always clean, in addition to good advice on use, you must clean each component separately and remove the most stubborn stains by means of very effective tricks of which we will

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