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A 3D printed house? In Valenciennes, it is now possible

A Valencian company has developed a gigantic 3D printer for the construction industry, with the aim of combating poor housing in the region by reducing construction costs. Build your house in a few hours 3D printing a house works just like plastic figures, using a special printer that deposits concrete,


How to succeed in your electrical installation?

Quick Access to Content – Summary In the context of a new construction or for renovation work, the electrical installation is one of the factors that contribute to your comfort inside the house. It is also associated with a security aspect that should not be overlooked. Knowing that in France


What is the best material for gardening?

The passion for gardening convinces thousands of French people every year to get busy on weekends to enhance their outdoors and work on their vegetable garden. While this hobby is less expensive than many other activities, some equipment is required to get started. Here is a list of essentials to


How to choose a provider for a € 1 Insulation

Quick Access to Content – Summary Many people still think that the 1 euro isolation is a scam. Well no ! you can really pay only € 1 to insulate your walls or attic thanks to state aid. This is a government measure aimed at establishing equality in energy expenditure.


How do I change the casing of my chimney?

Your fireplace is old and you would like to refurbish it and especially to current standards, which are NF DTU 24.1. So you have to buy the right material and mount it the right way. One of the key elements for an efficient evacuation is the installation of a casing,


5 ideas for revamping a kitchen on a low budget

Does your kitchen seem too rustic? It is time to renovate it so that it gains in beauty and youth. Paint, kitchen furniture, tiles, splashback, here is an overview of all the simple tips to rejuvenate it from floor to ceiling. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to


Why should everyone have a swing in their garden?

Have your neighbors, coworkers and book club friends installed a swing in their backyard, and keep telling you about it like everyone else should have one? Well, maybe they’re not wrong. Maybe everyone should really have a swing in their garden. Ideal for transforming the garden into a real haven


What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

We are often faced with home plumbing problems and usually when we do not expect it at all. Likewise, it is not always easy to remedy these concerns on your own. It doesn’t prevent, it is important to know the most recurring plumbing problems so as not to have unpleasant


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