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New financial assistance to adapt housing to seniors!

Quick Access to Content – Summary Each year, the elderly or those with reduced mobility are victims of more or less serious falls in their home. If we have known this for several decades, there were not yet any solutions to remedy it. Emmanuelle Wargon recently spoke on this subject.


Co-ownership: The hunt for heat loss

Condominiums are also affected by the energy transition. Among the work to be carried out to reduce energy consumption in the area is the insulation of buildings. The risks of overconsumption are in fact most often caused by energy losses. As part of a renovation, it will be necessary to


Where to Buy Eco-Responsible Decoration?

To achieve eco-responsible decorations, you have to stock up on accessories that meet the concept. In order to satisfy people who love this type of embellishment, various points of sale have emerged. These offer you a variety of decorative objects that respect the environment. Find your eco-responsible decoration on Moodntone


Furnishing a new apartment: What to remember?

When you take possession of a new home such as an apartment, you start from a blank page. This chance allows you to arrange this new apartment as you see fit. The goal: to be able to immediately feel at home by arranging this property in a clever way. Because


What are the Standards for an Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel, also called the protection panel, is a kind of box which houses all the electrical circuits in your house, ensures their distribution and their optimal functioning. Indispensable for any domestic electrical installation, this device is governed by the NFC 15-100 standard which imposes strict obligations and requirements


Standing Desk – Selection with Comparison & Reviews

Quick Access to Content – Summary Faced with the multitude of models and brands of sit-stand desks on the market, you quickly feel lost. However, there are some simple tips to quickly find the perfect table for you. For example, focus on your size, your needs, without forgetting your budget.


Garden Swing – Selection with Comparison & Reviews

Quick Access to Content – Summary If you are looking for the perfect swing for your garden, balcony or terrace, it would be easier for you to dwell on key criteria like dimensions, material, comfort and design, among others. Zoom on our selection of the best garden swings and some


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