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Building your own connected home, a crazy idea?

Your own connected home, built according to your criteria, where you want it, when you want it. It’s the dream, isn’t it? While the smart home has become a trend in recent years, it does require some necessary knowledge. That’s why we’re going to walk you through everything you need


How to Remove Silicone Depending on the Material?

Silicone is a product that tends to easily become encrusted on the materials and surfaces with which it comes into contact. Depending on whether the residue is found on materials such as wood, tiles, windows or textiles for example, there are different suitable products that you can use to get


Why Silk is a Prestigious Choice for an Indoor Rug?

Choosing a rug brings splendor and interest to a room by enhancing its design. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, it also brings comfort to your living spaces. A silk rug fulfills all of these characteristics, it is unique, natural, durable and much more. Here are a few reasons why silk is


What is a Standard Mailbox?

In order to facilitate the distribution of mail and parcels, the regulations impose a standardized letterbox format. The latter responds to specific characteristics and requirements which it is good to comply with when designing your letterbox and its layout. Here is the basics of what you need to know about


How to Choose a Mountain Garden Greenhouse?

Like any gardening accessory, the mountain garden greenhouse is available in several models. It is often essential with a changing climate, which can sometimes be very cool, or very sunny. However, due to the variety of greenhouse models available, making a choice can become a more or less complex equation


How to Decorate a Baby Room at a Low Cost?

The arrival of a newborn is an event that requires a great deal of preparation. As a future parent, you must, among other things, prepare their living room, bedding, clothes, etc. It is up to you to prepare the layette and to decorate the room of your little one. Regarding


7 ways to reduce your electricity bill in summer

Summer has arrived ! But this warm climate that we have been waiting for all year also comes with substantial increases in our electricity bills. Cooling objects represent 50% of household energy budgets in summer. If you discover a better way to ventilate your home, you will get significant savings


How to organize an outdoor reception?

Organizing an outdoor reception cannot be improvised, it is prepared and anticipated like a real project. To be successful, it is important to divide the preparation time into several stages. This makes it possible to determine the time necessary to organize the reception outside and to establish a provisional schedule.


4 tips for renovating your facade!

Want to spruce up your home? Why not renovate its facade? Take advantage of the beautiful summer days to undertake improvement work. Whether for functional and / or aesthetic purposes, summer is the best time to do it! If you are looking for inspiration, discover these 4 tips for renovating


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