Proprioo, the new generation real estate agency

Are you looking for a service that allows you to sell your real estate in record time, while making huge savings? This is exactly what Proprioo offers, a new platform specializing in the real estate sector available on their site

The services offered by this start-up are an excellent solution for those who do not find satisfaction with traditional agencies and current online services. Before understanding her different strengths, it is advisable to know her a little better.

The beginnings of the company

Founded at the end of 2016 following the association of Simon Primack and Henri Pagnon, Proprioo innovates by not taking any commission for its real estate services. This is accompanied by a fixed price of 1,990 euros, regardless of the area considered.

It does not hesitate to equip itself with a very powerful technology thanks to the resources resulting from this fundraising, in particular the use of machine learning, to match the ads to interested prospects who are the most qualified.

Lightning-fast, commission-free sales. But how ?

With the democratization of the Internet, the French are buying more and more online and the market and building rental sector is no exception. Proprioo seizes this opportunity to offer something never seen before: If a real estate agent had been able to extract more than 13,000 euros for a 30 min 2 s apartment.

This price relates to any good, which translates into colossal sums that customers can save. In view of this package, it is very normal to see the sales follow up very quickly as well as the positive opinions. Thus, we can say goodbye to the long stretches where the sale of real estate awaits impatiently.

An outstanding organization at the origin of a fluid service

The level of organization of the company is also a way to communicate its professionalism for the purchase of an apartment or a house with Proprioo.

Site-level offers

In order to respond very favorably to the needs of customers, including the most demanding, each property may or may not be accompanied by a visit. The examination of the files is carried out in two stages three movements, thanks to an automated system making it possible for example to quickly estimate the price of the real estate fund concerned.

Still, the company does not fail to play on the human aspect by organizing a direct meeting with the owner of the house during the visits. This makes it possible to establish a climate of trust following the demonstration of honesty on the part of the owner of the property.

The simultaneous execution of several tasks

Composed of a team of 15 people, Proprioo perfectly knows how to optimize its workforce to offer the best services. Indeed, a first tranche takes care of the visits while the remaining one is at the disposal of the customers to ensure that the procedures and the negotiations go well.

With a very simple implementation, accompanied by excellent transparency, Proprioo knows how to please its buyers by offering them a quick sale / purchase, and this, with the absence of commissions weighing down their budget.

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