Proscenic P11 the cordless vacuum cleaner nNxtgen – review & test

Home appliance manufacturer Proscenic has just added a new gem to its catalog of stick vacuum cleaners, after the success of the P10. It is in a nice design and technical characteristics The nextgen Proscenic P11 cordless vacuum cleaner is remarkable. We can provide you with our opinion of the product after testing to assess its performance.

Video Review and Test of Proscenic P11

Where to buy your Proscenic stick vacuum cleaner

Presentation of the Proscenic P11

Thestick vacuum cleaner Proscenic P11 is a surprising technology. It facilitates cleaning different types of surfaces, thanks to a touch screen, allowing to control the power. Compared to the P10, there are improvements in terms of suction power and D’autonomy. The other novelty is the integration of a floor washing system.

Components of Proscenic P11

The P11 is a product that integrates several useful components: vacuum cleaner, brushes (main and mini vehicle brush), rear washing system, removable battery, circular screen and filtering.

Technical characteristics

This vacuum cleaner has the following characteristics:

  • Power: 450 watts
  • Capacity: 650 ml
  • Sound level:> 70 dB
  • Autonomy: 50 minutes max
  • Suction power: from 8.5 to 25k Pa

The technical characteristics of this product are balanced. A sound level improvement would however be appreciated.

Product Reviews

You will enjoy the practicality LCD screen functions. The presence of a lockable trigger also improves the comfort in use. In addition, the removable battery allows to cover a larger surface, by having at your disposal a charging model.

While this product is prized for its maneuverability and his suction power, there are however some limitations. At its maximum operating level, we can regret the noise level of this vacuum cleaner. Also, the filtering is not equipped with an automatic device which facilitates its maintenance.

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