Psychologist in Paris: Where can we consult?

Making the decision to confide in a psychologist and discuss your personal difficulties is rarely a pleasure and can be a challenge for many people. To this can be added the difficulty of knowing where to look and finding the right professional. When you’re a Parisian, there are plenty of options, so much so that you can get lost in them and it becomes difficult to take stock. In this article we therefore suggest that you review the main options for finding and consulting a psychologist in Paris.

Find a psychologist’s office in Paris

The simplest option is to turn to a liberal practitioner, sometimes intervening alone or in a Parisian psychology firm. There are dozens of them. If they are easy to find, you should know that consultations with these specialists are generally paid.

To identify the right psychologist, several criteria must be taken into account. The main thing is to feel confident with the professional so that the therapeutic work will work well. Do not hesitate to follow a few sessions with a practitioner and to change if it is not suitable. You can also take advice from your family or loved one to find an expert who has already proven himself. Then, you have to identify a psychologist who will know how to respond effectively to your problems. Some are specialized to support certain audiences (children, seniors, women, men, etc.), others to offer certain therapeutic approaches such as hypnosis or cognitive and behavioral therapy.

Go to a Medical Psychological Center

The other possibility is to go to a medico-psychological center (CMP). In Paris and Ile-de-France, there are nearly 300 spread over the capital and in the suburbs. These centers offer free consultations and sometimes, if necessary, with psychiatrists. As a consequence of this free service, the waiting lists are generally very long. It is therefore more difficult to conduct sustained therapy and there is a requirement regarding the resource levels of people attending these establishments. Finally, it is generally not possible to choose the specialist to consult. On the other hand, there are specialized CMPs for children and others for adults.

Each medico-psychological center is attached to a Parisian or suburban hospital.

Some specific situations to find a shrink in Paris

If the consultation of a liberal psychologist in an office or within a medico-psychological center are the main options for initiating therapy, in some cases there are other places to find a psychologist in Paris.

If you are in school, know that you can contact the school psychologist. Often this has to come through parents and teachers. It may therefore be necessary to discuss the subject with the latter before the consultation.

Likewise, if you are a professional, some companies offer partial or total support for the consultation of a psychologist.

Finally, Paris hospitals can offer, as part of care procedures, consultations with a psychologist, even for non-psychiatric APHP establishments (such as Sainte-Anne for example).

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