Pure Higway – The digital DAB adapter for car radio – Review & Test

The Pure Higway Digital DAB Adapter is the most complete and simple device for you to enjoy digital radio (DAB +) and audio media streaming via Bluetooth in your car at a low cost. Get an overview of its features and practical use in the video test below.

Presentation Video with Opinion and Video Test of the DAB Car Radio Adapter

Where to buy your Pure Higway Adapter?

More information on the product of the brand Pure Higway

You will hardly find a solution as simple and practical as the one provided by Pure Higway. Thanks to this car radio adapter, you have a wide choice of digital radio stations in your car at your fingertips, with authentic and crystal-clear sound quality.

The Pure Higway Adapter is easy to install and use. The receiver box easily takes place in your car with its neat design and its clear and fluid interface. It adapts perfectly to the on-board audio system of your vehicle.

The Pure Higway finally offers you several interesting features such as identifying and listening to music from the Pure GO application, streaming your music playlists via Bluetooth from your phone to your car radio, and many more.

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