Raclette: bad ideas that spoil your meal

Who doesn’t like a good Savoyard raclette in winter? Delicious, raclette seems to be one of those dishes that you cannot miss. Indeed, you have nothing to prepare, the cooking is impossible to miss and all the foods make you salivate.

And yet, it is possible to spoil, or at the very least, not to fully enjoy raclette with bad habits.

No raclette every week

As Marie from la-cantine-des-sales-gosses.com likes to remind us: “Abusing raclette seriously harms the quality of the latter. “

More concretely, with this invented little proverb, she wants to say that: “Raclette is like Christmas chocolate. At the beginning of December, you look forward to it. Then after Christmas, as a result of 300 grams of chocolate a week for a month, chocolate becomes a habit no better than any other.

It’s the same with raclette. One every month is a frequent, but okay rhythm. On the other hand, once a week and you will no longer have the same pleasure seeing your grilled cheese. “

Plan two pans per person

What a frustration to take three bites and end up with all the cheese eaten. Always have two pans per person to alternate between each. By having a different pace for everyone, you will constantly have hot cheese begging to be eaten.

For the quantity of cheese slices, there are two schools: those which put two pieces per pan and those which put only one. If you take two, remember to spread the cheese well on the plate to prevent it from taking up too much space in the different flavors.

Mix all the cold cuts

Raclette is like a burger. No one wants to eat bread, then steak with ketchup, then cheese.

This means that the raclette is fully expressed when with each stroke of a fork, you take a little potato, cheese and a little cold meats.

Distribute all the pieces of cold meats well on the plate. Often, you cut your rosette, then your ham and bacon, before grabbing the pieces of meat cooked on the stone of the device.

But, if you don’t mix, you eat cheese beef, then cheese rosette, etc. However, it is the accumulation of tastes, the variety in structures that allow raclette to be so good.

Limit the amount of potatoes

The potato is an important element in raclette. But, he must not come and crush everything else.

Eat one potato per potato, making sure the serving size in each bite is limited. Indeed, too many potatoes causes an erasure of other flavors, digestion problems (it is a very heavy food!) And you will quickly have the impression of being stuck when there is half of your charcuterie left. and cheese in the packages!

Also be light on wine and other spirits because they have the same faults as potatoes, and do not add much to the recipe …

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