Rather Bike or Scooter When you are a Courier?

Bicycle and scooter are two types of vehicle available to you to provide your courier services. You don’t know which one to choose between these two mobility solutions?

Know that your turnover objective, your working time and your needs are the main criteria that should guide your choice. In general, a scooter will be ideal for doing more shopping without exhausting you.

Check out our tips to help you know which scooter or bike is the best vehicle for shopping.

The scooter for more shopping

Delivering by scooter has real advantages, but also disadvantages which are not negligible. This vehicle can be the ideal ally for the courier who wishes to maximize his trips and his turnover. Indeed, riding a scooter allows you to move faster in urban areas and therefore to chain a greater number of races in a short time.

In addition, shopping on a scooter is also and above all less tiring and more comfortable than on a bicycle. You will be able to collect the kilometers more quickly and effortlessly. That said, a relevant detail for the scooter courier to consider is the profitability of this vehicle.

If you are an occasional delivery driver or only total a few hours of racing, a scooter will not be the most profitable option. It will be more profitable for a courier carrying out on average more than 35 hours of racing per week. You will also need to meet all the conditions to be a scooter courier, including a license to transport light goods.

Cycling for the sporty side

Courier, bicycle delivery man

The bicycle is the simplest solution and the most used by couriers. One of the many reasons it is popular is its sporty side. If you like to pedal or want to earn money while playing sports, bike racing allows you to combine the two, but not only.

Cycling also has the advantage of getting you around town faster and avoiding traffic jams in urban centers. In addition, unlike the scooter, it involves less additional charges. You have no insurance to pay and much less costs to pay for the maintenance of your bike. Ecological, it also has the advantage of not polluting.

However, the bicycle does not offer optimal safety. You are therefore more vulnerable on the road. Likewise, riding a bicycle can become less practical when you have to do long-distance races or outside urban centers.

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