Rather Hammock or Garden Swing – How to Choose?

Between hammock and swing it is not always easy to choose a garden swing or a hammock, because the hammock and the swing both allow you to relax in the garden. But where is the difference between the 2? Would it be in terms of comfort, features, or bindings? All the answers below, with this comparative study that we carried out on the hammock and the garden swing.

Hammock VS Swing: a question of comfort

wooden swing hanging from branches

The hammock has a canvas hanging from the trees or from its own structure. Generally intended for personal use (one place) in a lying position, its comfort depends on the size and material of the canvas. The hammock offers a great possibility of swinging but it is not covered. Thermal comfort (and therefore protection against UV rays) is not pleasant.

The swing has its own robust structure, which allows one, 2, or 3 people to relax. The comfort is offered by the seat and back cushions, and reinforced by the roof which protects against the aggressive rays of the sun. Depending on the model, it offers other features such as bed convertibility and rocking, which further increase comfort.

The characteristics of a swing

Garden swing with cushions and blanket, attached to a tree

The characteristics of the swing can be summed up in 5 elements:

  • The frame or structure, which can be in various materials (wood, metal or resin) thus offering various levels of solidity.
  • The number of places provided, which varies from the 3-seater model, to the one-seater model (called an armchair), including the 2-seater model, or 2 separate armchairs.
  • The seat cushions, which provide comfort. They may or may not be part of the swing offer, and in the latter case, you have the choice.
  • The seat, which accommodates the occupants of the swing. It can, depending on the model, be convertible into a bed for a comfortable nap.
  • The roof canvas, which exists in several materials. Its purpose is to provide shade and protect occupants from the sun’s UV rays.

The characteristics of a hammock

Hammock window facing a swimming pool

For the hammock, the characteristics can be summed up in 3 elements:

  • The type, which varies between the ideal hammock chair for reading, the hammock to hang from trees or poles, the self-supporting hammock with its own stand, and the hammock with canvas stiffener to better stretch the canvas.
  • The canvas, which can be cotton in multiple colors and patterns, high quality Mexican mesh (cotton and polyester blend), or sturdy parachute canvas, easy to carry, and in raw colors.
  • The size, which varies between the XXL model which can support 3 to 4 people 250 kg, the duo model for couples, and the authentic solo model for one person.

Attachment of hammocks and swings

For hammocks, the attachments are made using ropes, hooks and carabiners usually included in the purchase kit, as well as a descriptive guide to facilitate assembly. The cotton or nylon lines that branch out into a knot at the ends of the hammock, allow it to be hung. The more there is, the stronger it is.

The swing attachments are for the feet. If the swing is installed on a concrete slab area, the fixings are done with dowels. If it is rather placed on a wooded terrace, the stainless steel screws are indicated to fix it. If no fixing is provided and your garden is windy, use brackets to stabilize the swing. Do not hesitate to do a little cleaning from time to time.

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