Ready to grow lilo – the autonomous indoor vegetable garden – review & test

Looking for a convenient way to easily grow and harvest healthy fruit year round? The Lilo indoor vegetable garden from Prêt à Pousser is the innovative solution that meets your needs. Below, everything you need to know about this freestanding indoor vegetable garden.

Video Review and Test of the Lilo Indoor Vegetable Garden

Where to buy the Prêt à Pousser brand indoor vegetable garden?

More information about the Ready-to-Grow Lilo Indoor Vegetable Garden

This Lilo indoor vegetable garden from Prêt à Pousser alone has all the conditions your plants need, so you don’t have to add anything else to grow them. It is equipped with a low-consumption smart LED that reproduces sunlight, as well as capsules containing the seeds and nutrients necessary for the proper development of plants.

Its autonomous operation makes things even easier for you, since it does not require any technique or constant attention. Once the capsule is inserted in the float, you just have to make sure to renew the water every 2 weeks. And after one to 4 months, you can harvest and taste the fruits from your vegetable garden.

The Lilo vegetable garden is offered to you with 3 Basil, Mint and Chives capsules to allow you to start growing immediately. But you can buy several other ranges of capsules among the thirty varieties carefully developed and offered by the brand.

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