Remaining a virgin until marriage: How to achieve it?

By religious conviction, desire to respect customs or personal commitment, some women wish to remain virgins until marriage. In a society where both men and women are exposed to sexuality at a very young age, this lifestyle choice can be difficult to follow, especially when the first urges inherent in human beings arise. How to keep your initial goal?

Don’t hide it

Staying a virgin until marriage can be a source of pride. For other women, it’s an awful complex. All of their friends talk about sex and look at them with unwelcome compassion or disdain when their turn comes.

However, virginity is a choice that can be good when it is assumed. Girls in America wearing virginity rings are the best proof of this.

From a sentimental point of view, she can avoid unfortunate situations and help find the right person. A boy who has the sole purpose of sleeping with you will quickly stop his attempts if he understands that he will have to get married to do so.

Discuss it with other girls

Being and staying a virgin is much more complicated than you might think, because a woman has wants and wants. She wants to try, to experience pleasure and the constraint of virginity becomes difficult to manage.

This is all the more true as sex is trivialized. Television talks about it, films like 50 Shades of Gray become references, reality TV shows with naked girls without taboos abound… Virginity is no longer a simple difference, but a totally abnormal defect.

It is therefore good to get closer to people who share your convictions and / or your obligation. Talking with older women sometimes helps, but the generation difference is a barrier. The best is to find girls of your age. This can be done within his community, but also through forums or blogs on the subject.

Allow yourself the pleasure

However, we must not deny the sexual desire which is logical for a woman. It feels natural and there is no shame in doing yourself good. Virginity and the absence of pleasure have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The best solution, which allows you to learn to know your body while limiting the risk of sleeping with a man for too strong impulses, is masturbation. Obviously, you should avoid doing this by inserting objects that are too big in the penis for fear of completely breaking the hymen. On the other hand, a vibrating egg on the clitoris or manual caresses bring a lot of pleasure.

It is also possible to have a boyfriend and to have romantic behaviors. Still, the deeper you go in the hugs, the harder it will be to come to terms with your choice to stay a virgin. It can lead to arguments, breakups, or worse, a situation where you feel pressured to have your first time and you’ll regret. Love can sometimes cause unexpected behavior, such as breaking a wishful thinking …

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