Remote Meeting – Why Integrating Interactive Screens Into The Process Is The Key To Success?

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With the Covid-19 crisis, companies had to adapt and we put in place some innovations to be able to continue to work properly, without impacting their activity. Remote meetings have become more frequent and so that they are just as effective, interactive screens have appeared. But what are the real advantages of these tools and why is it one of the keys to the success of your projects, even with distance constraints?

Benefit # 1 – Flexibility and Simplicity

The interactive screens are very easy to install, moreover it is a peripheral which makes it possible to make presentations without using other tools. It is not necessary to have in addition a computer or a video projector, because everything is on the same support. Hosting remote meetings with an interactive screen is therefore the ideal choice.

In addition, despite the multitude of possible actions with an interactive screen, it is a tool that remains very easy to use, for everyone. Training is generally offered for optimal use.

Benefit # 2 – Better management of remote meetings

With the right interactive screen like the DYNAVISIO Plus, a 65-inch collaborative videoconferencing pack, there will be no hassle in managing a meeting. All employees present or remotely can intervene during the meeting and follow the presentation live, which will be modified as and when.

With such a screen you will have both the speakers and the possibility of interacting directly with them, making modifications and improvements on the interface live.

Advantage n ° 3 – Collaboration and creativity are not impacted

Being able to react directly on the spot, making changes, being able to discuss with several even remotely allows everyone to give their ideas and integrate them directly into the presentation.

With an interactive screen it is possible to do a multitude of things, importing images, making graphics or graphics, modifying documents, highlighting, crossing out… Brainstorming live while noting the ideas and that these are visible to everyone in the meeting, even from a distance. Creativity is not impacted, it would even be developed with this technology. With such tools, meetings are more lively and allow better collaboration.

Advantage n ° 4 – Good project management, for rapid execution

Having the possibility of making changes directly on the project directly, with all of its stakeholders, even in cases where some are teleworking, is a real advantage.

In a classic meeting, notes are taken and the modifications to the project are then made, with an interactive screen, everything is done on the spot, it is not necessary to come back to it later. There will be no need to have multiple meetings for the same project, if everything is set in one meeting, it is a considerable saving of time and productivity for a company.

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