Renovation – Can I do a Cladding on my Facade?

Siding is an exterior coating that is often used in the context of work in a condominium. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it provides a durable finish and improves insulation.

The siding can come in various forms depending on the needs of the condominium building. Want to give your home a modern look? Find out all you need to know about facade cladding for your home below.

Do I have the right to install siding at home?

Cladding is used for its aesthetic appearance, its insulation capabilities and its protective qualities. It is quite possible to lay siding whether it is for a renovation or a new construction. However, you must respect the laws and standards in force.

What are the authorizations for installing siding?

The installation of a cladding on a facade changes the exterior appearance of a building. However, in accordance with article R.421-17 of the town planning code, any modification of the facade requires authorization from the town hall. Depending on the location of your home, it may be a simple declaration of work or a submission to the architect of the Buildings of France.

The work permit application must be submitted to the town planning department of your municipality. You will find the CERFA form n ° 13703 * 05 required on request on the site. Then allow a period of one month to obtain your authorization.

What are the standards for laying siding?

The DTU 41.2 standard is the reference for the installation of wooden cladding. It recommends all the rules to be followed for the work and specifies the details on the installation of the cladding. This standard applies among other things to all facades built in any wind zone up to 28 m in height. It also indicates the requirements that must be met by the materials required for the work.

This standard also recommends the preparation of the wood (remove the boards from their packaging 1 to 2 days before installation) and their safe storage. It also indicates that the humidity of the boards must not exceed 19%.

How to make a cladding to respect the standards in force?

Achieving a cladding respecting the standards in force requires mastery of the various techniques necessary for installation and compliance with safety rules. For the experienced handyman, it can be relatively easy to install PVC or wood facade cladding yourself. However, it is strongly recommended to go through professionals like

What is the best wood for exterior siding?

For an exterior wooden cladding, it is advisable to bet on a quality of wood which combines stability, aesthetics, solidity and accessibility (affordable price). For this purpose, you should favor the exotic Padouk wood, the Spruce or the resinous Siberian Larch wood.

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