Renovation project for an old garage, What to look out for before installing a sectional garage door?

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Have you thought about to check that a sectional garage door could be installed in your old garage? Before embarking on its installation, you must actually check various points to know if this type of door is compatible with your renovation project.

What is a sectional garage door?

The sectional garage door like the one you can buy on is a door made up of several hinged panels attached to each other. We use it to optimize interior space thanks to its very compact format and so as not to have an overflow outside the garage.

Two directions of opening are possible: a vertical opening which moves the door against the ceiling and a lateral opening, to slide it on a free section of wall, the sectional garage door brands generally offer both types.

The space available for the sectional door

A sectional garage door requires the installation of a mechanism consisting of several guide rails, vertical and horizontal, allowing the door to slide.

You must therefore check that you have sufficient space to accommodate not only the rails, but the thickness of the door. between the ceiling and the top of the opening to the outside.

The surface that will accommodate this equipment must be flat and free of obstacles (electrical duct, pipes, etc.), to allow the door to circulate properly. Depending on your configuration, however, this point can be circumvented by installing poles, but they will also increase the space required for the complete installation.

In the case of a motorized door model, you will also need to take into account the size of the engine block into the equation. The latter is generally installed at the back of the door.

Other surfaces to check are the walls on either side of the door that will accommodate the vertical tracks to allow the door to slide up and down. As for the previous points: sufficient space and a flat surface are essential.

Ground level for the sectional door

Here is a point that you are likely to forget during your renovations, but which is very important when installing a sectional garage door: ground level!

To function properly, a sectional door must be installed at ground level to allow the panels that make up the door to be aligned horizontally. The problem thus arises with a floor which is not level and which therefore does not allow the door to fit perfectly over the entire width.

This will have the effect of creating an opening, a “day”, which is damaging to the thermal performance of the door in addition to creating a feeling of insecurity for the owner.

The solidity of the building housing the sectional door

Last, but not least: are your garage walls still strong enough to accommodate the installation a sectional garage door?

Because the ceiling and the walls where the rails will be installed will be severely subjected to the traction of the door during its operation. The sectional door mechanism must therefore be installed on a hard and sufficiently resistant surface.

So: concrete and wood is yes, but plasterboard or sheet metal is no! But if this point really poses a problem, it may be possible to resume the fixing directly in the house structure or to install a cross beam between the side walls.

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