Replacing your controlled mechanical ventilation: A solution to reduce your heating bill

Allowing you to renew the ambient air in your home without having to open your windows during the freezing cold of winter, controlled mechanical ventilation, abbreviated VMC, is essential equipment for your well-being.

Depending on the performance, there are several models on the market. When properly chosen and perfectly suited to the dimensions of your home, a CMV can save you considerable energy and money.

In the following, you will find everything you need to know about VMC, and of course all the good reasons to replace your classic VMC.

Why install an efficient CMV?

All CMVs are not created equal, and when properly chosen, this device improves your well-being, allows you to make considerable energy savings and also to fight against global warming.

Improves your well-being

A house with good insulation is almost waterproof, meaning that air cannot easily enter it. A VMC renews and improves the quality of the ambient air in your home, all without you having to open the windows.

Allows you to save energy

A good VMC can reduce your heating bills. This is because when you open your windows, a large amount of heat from your home escapes outside. As with VMC you no longer need to open your windows to ventilate the house, your house will stay warmer and you will spend less on heating.

Allows you to do an ecological gesture and fight against global warming

Your heating installation works with fossil fuels such as fuel oil, coal or natural gas, which are limited resources. By installing an efficient CMV, you reduce your consumption of fossil fuels and your greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for global warming.

Replace your classic controlled mechanical ventilation with more efficient models

If you have classic controlled mechanical ventilation at home, know that it is possible for you to do even better in terms of energy savings, by installing a more efficient VMC model, here we will talk about simple VMC flow and double flow but you can also watch the operation of point ventilation.

The simple humidity-controlled flow model

Unlike the classic VMC which operates continuously, the humidity sensitive ventilation is activated according to the humidity level of your indoor air. This optimization will allow you to make additional savings of 5 to 10% on your heating bill. In addition, regulating the humidity of your home, this model will prevent the development of mold in your home and therefore save you from various repair work concerning them.

The humidity-controlled double flow model

This model performs 2 functions: heat recovery from the outgoing air and heating of the incoming air. Indeed, it is equipped with a heat exchanger that allows it to extract and recover nearly 50 to 90% of the heat from the air leaving your home. It is this recovered heat that will be used to heat the air that will enter your home.

This particular feature of the double flow CMV will often allow you to dispense with your conventional heating, and therefore save energy. Basically, by replacing your classic CMV with a humidity sensitive dual flow model, you will save no less than 15% on your overall heating bill, not to mention the mold removal work that you will no longer have to plan. .

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