Resolution 2021: redevelop the terrace

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Bringing a terrace back to life is sometimes much more complicated than you might think. Lack of inspiration, poor choice of furniture, many obstacles can indeed prevent the redevelopment of this space. However, there are simple tips. Here are some tips to help you redesign your patio.

Add trendy garden furniture

To bring a facelift to your patio, one of the best ways is to incorporate trendy garden furniture. This makes it possible to transform this outdoor space into a real place of life. Regarding the nature of the furniture, you have the option of choosing from the many models offered by DIY stores. The most important thing is to choose elegant furniture that fits the style of your patio.

Pallet furniture has become a great classic in patio decoration. Whether it’s a table or a bench, you can assemble your own furniture by purchasing standardized pallets as a kit. With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can accessorize your trendy garden furniture yourself. Do not forget to add large cushions that will transform your pallets into chic and modern furniture.

Opt for a green terrace

Vegetables are used more and more, even by those who do not have a green thumb, for outdoor decoration. Very aesthetic, greening brings a touch of nature and a chic design to the space. One of the best ways to make a green patio is to hang small plants wisely.

By adding trendy garden furniture, you will transform your terrace into a magnificent vertical park. As for vegetation, Mediterranean plants such as lavender, rosemary or thyme are often recommended for decoration. Also do not hesitate to add flowers like daisies, petunias or geraniums for sunny spaces and balconies.

Creative lighting to highlight trendy garden furniture

The choice of light is an important part of decorating your patio, especially when you plan to benefit from this space until late at night. Creative lighting is often synonymous with a pleasant atmosphere.

Solar bulbs are all the rage today. As well as being an ecological solution, this lighting system is also very economical. Light garlands are not left out when it comes to decorating your terrace. Unleash your creativity by artfully hanging garlands. For a romantic atmosphere, hanging candles provide a sublime decorative lighting of your terrace and by ricochet, of your garden.

In addition to trendy garden furniture, choose the right colors

The color of your terrace determines the atmosphere that reigns there. It is therefore important to know how to choose the perfect patchwork that will make your space a friendly, original and recreational place. For small spaces, light and sober colors are the most recommended. Indeed, each color plays a precise role and conveys a unique message. For example, green is considered a calming color while yellow, blue and red are used to accentuate the radiance of the patio. For color combinations, go for shades and gradients, as they usually form a more solid whole..

You now have a few tips for arranging your patio. In case of lack of inspiration, you can always seek the help of a decoration specialist.

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