Retirement Insurance – The Keys to a Peaceful, Hassle-Free Retirement

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle after you retire, you need to start saving money now. Indeed, you can save your monthly income and anticipate your retirement thanks to retirement insurance.

What is retirement insurance?

When an insurer offers to save part of your monthly income for a certain number of years and in return guarantees you capital as soon as you retire: this is a retirement insurance. For this, a retirement insurance contract is signed between the subscriber and the insurer and the number of years of savings is defined therein. Thus, you save during your professional career to benefit from it once you are no longer in activity.

Why is it necessary to take out retirement insurance?

Subscription to retirement insurance is recommended because it allows prevent a drop in your income once you are retired. Obviously, once you no longer exercise, you are a priori without income. Thus, there are chances that your lifestyle will change to the point that it affects your independence. It is for this reason that it is recommended to save while there is still time. Taking out retirement insurance will give you some stability during your old age.

How to get retirement insurance?

If you are employed in the private sector in the service, industry or trade sector, you automatically benefit from retirement insurance. Indeed, it is compulsory for workers of the general social security system, it is the insurance basic retirement.

It is also possible to subscribe individually or collectively to this insurance by contacting a company of your choice. In this case, the contribution is optional. However, you will have to complete a membership form and fill in, among other things, the value of the capital to be invested.

Why you should choose Allianz for your retirement insurance?

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When you subscribe to Allianz supplementary pension insurance, you benefit from a very advantageous tax regime for life insurance and continuous monitoring during your retirement. In addition, Allianz offers a more improved formula for retirement insurance: it is insurance complementary pension.

Pension insurance and supplementary retirement insurance: what’s the difference?

Compulsory for private sector workers, supplementary pension insurance is a formula which simply aims to supplement basic retirement insurance, in order to guarantee additional pensions.

Benefits of the Allianz supplementary pension insurance: the Allianz4life pension plan

By mutual agreement with its subscriber, Allianz estimates the additional resources it needs to live better during retirement. From the age of 50, you can subscribe to this offer with € 30,000. This will allow you to build up guaranteed additional resources for retirement. This formula is very advantageous in that:

  • your supplement will not be subject to downward trends in the financial markets (the value of your investment does not decrease over time);
  • you will receive a minimum amount annually throughout your retirement;
  • and you can buy back your unused capital.

It’s a kind of life insurance. With retirement insurance, you have the opportunity to save for the purpose of securing “your future during retirement”.

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