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You are never safe from losing your data, photos, documents, even with a hard drive backup, you are not safe from it no longer working. The EaseUS Todo Backup solution is ideal, you can back up your data for free and automatically. What is our take on this software, why should we all use it?

Our opinion on EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is free software and very easy to use, so it is accessible to everyone. You will be able to quickly back up all your data, without taking the risk of losing it. The advantage is to be able to use the different options available, to schedule backups for example, they will be done automatically.

Easily backup your data with EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is backup software with four features, allowing you to converse your data without risk of losing it.

  • Using the smart backup function, it is very useful to make one click recording. This allows actions to be taken quickly without constraint.
  • Make backup of disk and partition, this function can be used on internal or external hard drive, but also USB keys, SD card, NAS. You just have to select the disk or the partition you want to back up, define the location where the copies will be stored. The advantage of this option is that you can schedule the backup using the different options available.
  • System backup, this option allows you to back up your entire operating system, as well as all your applications, settings at the time of backup.
  • Simple backup of your files, select the documents, folders and files you want. Customize your backup and schedule it there.

These different backups can be full, which means that all data is backed up with each backup. It can be incremental, several backups complement each other and you need all of them to make a full backup. Finally, it is possible to make a differential backup, it is done in the full backup and can directly be restored in its entirety.

Use the cloning function to save time

The cloning option called “Clone” in EaseUS Todo Backup is once again a free feature. You can then easily and quickly upgrade your disks, replace various data and transfer them if necessary.

You can clone a Windows 10 hard drive, for example you can make an HDD to an SSD, or even an MBR to a GPT, use also possible in the reverse direction. You will also be able to migrate data from an old hard drive to a new one.

Cloning does not stop at the hard drive, you can also do it on your system and partition. You will then be able to clone a system on an SSD, to boost the performance of your hard drive. Doing it on one partition saves time by cloning a few hard drive partitions without doing it all.

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