Rhône: Do young people and women have their place in these legislative elections?

Lyon Webzine has sifted through the list of 185 legislative candidates in the Rhône. After dissecting, the National Front appears to be particularly exemplary in terms of parity and gives more space to young people than its main opponents.

As it had announced at the end of May, the National Front argued for parity between men and women for these legislative elections. Thus, equality is perfect in the Rhône. The FN has invested seven men and seven women. Another party to have played the game of parity, like the Ayrault government, the Modem. François Bayrou’s party only proposes candidates in eight constituencies (out of fourteen), but with an equal share of men and women. Without a doubt, the UMP is the bad student with only three candidates when eleven men are in the race. On the left, we privilege women but without applying parity. Thus, the Socialist Party and the Front de Gauche have both invested eight women for six men.

No place for youth in the PS

It is also the FN that offers the most space for young people in the Rhône. The frontist candidate, in the Rhône, is on average 43.8 years old. The youngest is only 22 years old. On the other hand, on the socialist side, there is nothing to smile about. While the candidate Hollande had put youth at the heart of his program, in the Rhône the socialist candidate is 54.7 years old on average. The youngest socialist candidate is also a 41-year-old woman. She is none other than the replacement of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in the 4e constituency, Anne Brugnera. On the other hand, Europe Ecologie – Les Verts is making more effort. The allies of the Socialists have invested a 23-year-old candidate and the average age of the environmental candidate, in the Rhône, is 47 years old. If the UMP flexes on the issue of parity, the party makes up for it slightly on the youth by proposing a 27-year-old candidate, Emmanuelle Haziza, in the 6e constituency and offering the nomination to several thirties.

Small funny detail, a few first names come up frequently. Thus, there are four Michel and the same number of Philippe, Christophe or Pierre. Among women, they are three candidates to be named Florence and three Michèle are running for a deputy.

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