Rhône legislative: Braillard wins the first round against Meirieu and the PS

The Socialist Party will have to pay 1,500 euros to Thierry Braillard for legal costs. This is what the Lyon tribunal de grande instance required following the summary proceedings filed by the PS accusing Thierry Braillard of illicitly using the party’s logos and slogans for his campaign in the 1timeriding.

The feud in which Philippe Meirieu, an environmental candidate invested by the PS, and Thierry Braillard, a radical candidate supported by Gérard Collomb, continued in court. The Socialist Party decided last week to take the dissident candidate to court for misuse of the party logo and slogans. The PS did nothing. Monday morning, the High Court referred the case to the Constitutional Council, considering that it was not able to decide the dispute. The Socialist Party will therefore have to pay the legal costs of Thierry Braillard. The note still amounts to 1500 euros. The rest of the soap opera, Sunday, in the polls.

Archive for Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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