Rhône legislative: Confused voters

In the 1time Rhone constituency, the inhabitants are caught between two fires: disinterest in the ballot and the importance of the election. The mess on the left did not reach them.

Five days before the first round of legislative elections, the excitement is not that of the presidential elections. On the contrary, very few of them know the identity of the candidates for the Assembly in their constituency. “I have received the professions of faith, but I have not yet opened the envelope”Sylvain, 30, casually confides. For him, voting is “Being in solidarity with society”. No more no less …

Seated on a cafe terrace, Thierry, 40, and Mehdi, 50, don’t really have the same approach. Thierry will vote“Because it’s important” but recognize “Not to be interested in politics”. As for Mehdi, he has lived in France for more than twenty years, but does not have French nationality. He feels bitter disappointment at not being able to vote. “It is absolutely necessary that those who can go to the polls”, says the fifty-something, who hopes that the law authorizing foreigners to vote in local elections, promised by François Hollande, will be implemented. Thierry cuts it: “But is it a regional or a national election? “. It is Mehdi who gives him the answer.

Cyndel, in his twenties, voted for the first time in the presidential elections. She admits having little interest in politics but says she will put a ballot in the ballot box this weekend. However, like many locals, Cyndel does not know the names of the candidates. “I have to look into the question”, she hammers as if she had just noticed that time was starting to press. The course of the ballot and the stakes escape her but she grasped one thing: “It is a duty to vote. If only so as not to have to complain about the people who govern us, when we did not come to the polling station ”. .

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