Rhône: Mercier and Forissier validate the position of the “ni-ni” for the second round

Michel Mercier and Michel Forissier held a joint press conference on Wednesday as part of the second round of legislative elections. The goal: to validate the official position of the UMP.

On Wednesday, the two centrist figures of the UMP recalled the position of the right vis-à-vis the constituencies in which the FN remains in contention against a left-wing candidate. In the Rhône, the 14e constituency is the only one in this case. Socialist candidate Yves Blein has to face frontist Sandrine Ligout there. “There is not the slightest compromise with the extreme right” assured Michel Forissier. If there is no complacency with the FN, there will not be a Republican front. “There can be neither agreement with the FN, nor with the left because we have another project of society which is not compatible with theirs”, added the vice-president of the Rhône General Council. Recalling the argument of the right, Michel Mercier for his part praised the need to have “The strongest possible opposition so that the left does not concentrate all the powers”.

The President of the General Council, Michel Mercier, took the opportunity to challenge the way in which elections for parliamentarians are held. The former Minister of Justice said he was in particular in favor of the deputies being elected at the same time as the President of the Republic. He also declared himself in favor of a change in the method of electing senators: “They must be elected directly by the citizens with full proportionality”. Michel Mercier will also resume his seat as senator “From Sunday at midnight, in accordance with the constitution”.

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