RICH BIT RT-860 – The folding electric bike – Reviews & Test

Now you can ride as easily with this RICH BIT RT-860 electric bike. Going down stony slopes at full speed by bike is a great pleasure for many people who thirst for adventure. And transport it also easily by folding it for more convenience.

Presentation video with Review and Test of the RICH BIT RT-860 ATV

Where to buy your RICH BIT RT-860 mountain bike

More information on this RICH BIT RT-860 electric bike

This electric folding mountain bike is equipped with a 36V lithium battery and a 250 watt motor, which will allow you to reach a speed of 25 km / h. For an optimal view of the various obstacles along the way, you can left to right, in the two mirrors attached to the handlebars.

To view your speed, you can see it on your LCD screen. To make assembly easier, before use, nothing could be simpler with the help of the guide provided. On the luggage rack at the back you can carry everything you want using the ultra functional bag.

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