Ring Fit Adventure game – For athletes on Nintendo Switch – Review & Test

Nintendo Switch’s newest game is all about getting people to exercise while having fun. For young and old alike, this game will make all its audience smile. Fun, with many activities, it is a real ally to perfect your daily physical activity.

Presentation video with review and test of the latest Nintendo Switch game

Where to buy your Ring Fit Adventure game

More information about this Nintendo Switch game

This game will help you to surpass yourself and burn calories while having fun, it will no longer be a constraint to play sports. Choose from one of the following modes to exercise:

  • Adventure, the idea is to save the world from a horrible dragon, you have to cross worlds running and face the various enemies thanks to forty techniques. These techniques involve different parts of your body.
  • Quick games, play a multitude of mini-games, complete the missions by doing the right things.
  • À la carte, create a combination of mini-games yourself and make your own course. These sequences can contain a maximum of 10 games.

The box is made up of everything you need, the game, the RingCon, to analyze your different movements and the density at which you make them and the Leg strap it will be when you run.

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