Running and Containment – Is It the Right Solution to Stay Active in This Covid-19 Time?

Lack of sporting activity during confinement is a phenomenon that can have an impact on physical fitness. If you want to put in some effort during this pandemic period, running is a good idea. Here are the reasons why running is important during confinement.

Why should you start running?

Man doing exercise outdoors, running, jogging

Running allows the runner to work a good part of his body. There are many advantages to running, each person by adapting their pace will find real benefits in practicing this activity.

A good way to burn off

Staying confined for several weeks, or even months, can cause weight gain. To be sure to keep in shape and lose pounds, running is excellent. The practice of this exercise for at least thirty minutes allows the body to draw on the fat reserve. Regular running therefore allows you to burn a lot of calories. Consider practicing two or three sessions per week.

In addition, running is known for its benefits for the heart. It uses a variety of muscles, starting with those of the legs and arms. The same goes for the abdominals.

Effective for getting fresh air and clearing your head

The fact of being locked up all day long between four walls can end up stressing you. Going out for fun and enjoying nature can be very calming. Running promotes oxygenation of the muscles, it is very pleasant for the brain and helps to get rid of toxic thoughts. Exercise is all the more important if you are working out from home. Indeed, it is a way to reorganize your thoughts or to take a break in order to be more productive.

How to start running without fear of injury?

Woman running fast, running, athlete

It is advisable to be very careful if you are just starting out due to the risk of injury. However, the following tips can help you start a good running routine and make you enjoy the sport so that you don’t give up on the first session.

Plan to dress appropriately for this activity

Consider getting a good pair of shoes first. It must be comfortable and above all cushioning. Make the right choice according to the morphology of the feet, the weight, the type of stride as well as the distance to be covered. Then think about the clothes. Opt for comfortable sportswear suitable for the season.

Anyway, find everything you need in the Myprotein running range which is initially a leader in sports nutrition, but which has been able to see further is to offer a wide range of products for the sport, such as outfits depending on the activity.

Start with short distances, at your own pace and with a warm-up

If you are impatient to lose pounds while running, keep in mind that it is necessary to take it gradually. Run for a relatively short distance start. This avoids hurting yourself, but also being demotivated.

To reduce the risk of injury during a run, consider warming up before each session. This allows the body to be better prepared. You can walk for a few minutes. Likewise, at the end of the sessions, stretch out, your body will thank you and you will avoid stiffness.

A small snack before running and water available

Water is of utmost importance when you are exercising. Its role is to transport carbohydrates serving as a source of energy for your muscles. Once the exercise is finished, it is advisable to continue hydration to avoid the appearance of pain.

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