Rural Shop, Good Daily Practices – Economic and Ecological!

In a century threatened by global warming and the depletion of natural resources, the question of ecology involves everyone. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, you have to contribute. If you have a shop in a rural area, here are the good things to do on a daily basis.

Rechargeable batteries for all your accessories and demonstration products

In stores selling electronic products, most customers like to test before buying. For equipment that operates on electric current, the problem does not arise. However, when the device requires the installation of a battery, you must have the right reflex.

There is nothing ecological about using a single-use battery, it cannot be reused after it has run out. On the other hand, by opting for a rechargeable battery, you will act for the planet and will also save money. For this, for your mouse, keyboard or battery operated demo products, choose rechargeable AA batteries.

The light off when you leave your establishment

Illuminated night showcase, Christmas tree decoration

The right actions to save the planet and save money are fairly simple to adopt. This goes beyond reducing your daily energy consumption. It is already a good thing to opt for equipment that uses little energy. However, this action must be accompanied by certain useful reflexes.

Indeed, to save energy, you must turn off the devices that you are not using. To do this, before leaving your store, get in the habit of turning them off, as well as your window, it does not need to be left on during the night. This gesture will not only allow you to reduce your electricity bills, but also to act for the good of the planet. To make sure you don’t leave anything behind, you can install a main switch at the entrance to the establishment.

No more plastic packaging for your customers

Two women in a boutique looking at fabric bag

Protecting the planet isn’t just about reducing your energy costs. It also concerns the maintenance of the environment for the benefit of future generations. You can start this fight by removing plastic packaging.

It is true that these bags are solid, practical and inexpensive. However, their impact on the environment is enormous. They are not generally recycled and pollute the ecosystem of the oceans and natural living environments. You can act against this scourge by avoiding giving plastic packaging to your customers, instead opt for reusable paper bags or cardboard boxes that you would have recycled.

Say goodbye to the paper ticket

Plastic is generally singled out as a scourge for the ecosystem and the use of paper is strongly encouraged. However, the latter in some form also represents a danger to humans and the planet. These are receipts that are instinctively given to customers after purchase.

In fact, these tickets usually contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which is harmful to humans. There are 300 billion paper tickets that are issued each year involving the use of millions of trees and barrels of oil.

We must also count the 18 billion liters of water that could be eliminated by removing them. To make a good gesture, you can opt for dematerialized tickets in your store.

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